Here is a complete lowdown on how to choose your online pharmacy

The world of convenience:

Today, lets'say if I gave you the choice between going out and shopping at an actual pharmacy and allowing you to shop online form a device, what would you choose?

While there is a lot of fun involved in dressing upand going shopping, there is also something called mundanenature that can enter and if the shopping involves buying medicines and other boring non lifestyle stuff I doubt if anyone would willingly jump at the offer!

Besides, with having to dedicate more than half of the day to work commitments, who do we think actually has the time or the inclination to go to a pharmacist and browse the drugs actually and then bring them back.

Your argument: but we have been doing this right?!

Yes, true and no refuting this point. But my counter argument is that now that there are stores on the internet where you canbrowse everything from the comfort of the couch in your living room itself, why take all the trouble to dress u and then step up and then browse and ask for a substitute of the drug be not available or walk up to the ext pharmacy in case the drug is imminent.

Welcome to medicinedirect :

There is a world of convenience waiting for you to explore it. There is security and there is respite from the unlicensed pharmacies. The ugly truth is that there are so many pharmacies that are springing up on the internet to prove that the word today is totally connected. But a mere 5 percent of the pharmacies are licensed and legit ones.

The rest of them are unfortunately the illegal ones that do not own any license for the regulatory authorities. The saddest part of this is that the authorities have categorically agreed thatcurbing illegal online pharmacies is such a bog challenge to tem that every time they try to come out with measures to curb their growth on the internet, they come out with a strategy that beats them with a loophole in the legislation.

So, is it impossible to shop for medicines without being duped?

The answer my well depend upon the shopper's prudence.

If you think that the online pharmacy that you have got hooked to is suspicious, we would like to hear about it on the numbers that are given below. Your information will be kept confidential.

The litmus test:

To find out if the pharmacy that you are buying your drugs at or intend to buying them is legit or not, the first and the foremost test is to reckon of the pharmacy is keen on getting a prescription from you. if the pharmacy seems to back bench on asking for a prescription, you may raise your head because this generally indicates that the entity that you are dealing with may be a fake one.

Test 2:

You must check to see if there is a pharmacist who can clear any doubts that you may have. If there is no pharmacist and you smell a rat, we advise you to immediately abandon your cart and check out. An online pharmacy that does not have a pharmacist is like a kindergarten school run by a blind principal.

You must and cannot trust that one. Can you?

Test 3:

Does the online pharmacy provide you an actual verifiable physical address?


On the contrary if there is rigmarole on the subject of the actual address or if the site is mute or indifference to your queries on its actual address, we suggest that you turn around and run as fast as your legs can take you. Well, that meant log out immediately!

If the online pharmacy is actually a fake one, you may have the following consequences:

1.The medicines may be fake;

2.The drugs may be outdated or compromised in quality

3.They may not be efficacious at all;

4.They may have the wrong ingredients or the ingredients may have been mixed in the wrong proportion;

5.They may entail severe side effects mostly irreversible and scary;

6.They may contain poison and may not at all be for the reason that you intend to buy!

Cases galore:

There are cases galore on the internet where the people who have self medicated and derived medicines form these fake online pharmacies and that too without a prescription have suffered such serious ailments as a result of the side effects of the wrong drugs that the damage is irreversible. It is sad but the public need to wake up to the fact themselves. They cannot walk in to a trap and then complaint that the trap was there.